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GarageBand Iintroduction


What is GarageBand

I beleave It is the top software among the many free music softwares. Recording Editing Mixing and . . . .

GarageBand has many built-in musical instruments.
You can play the instrument and have fun, or record it in real time. 
You can choose from a variety of different sets of loops, 
combine them and place them on the timeline. You can arrange and mix it. It is also free to show it to the whole world.
It is a music software that is pre-installed when you buy a Mac.
If the iphone version is 6 or later, iOS-specific GarageBand is initially installed as an app.


What can you do with GarageBand
This software has a built-in software synthesizer, 
   so you can play various instrument sounds.                        

 ・Supports piano-like keyboards, drums, Perc, Bass, guitars, brass, strings and various other instruments.
 ・You can select from over 100 types of keyboard sounds alone, and each Sound can be adjusted.
 ・If you connecting the USB keyboard,You can play any sound of the selected instrument.
 ・You can play the instruments use USB keyboard, software keyboard or MAC keyboard.
 ・It is also possible to change to another timbre with MIDI data once created.

You can Record and Edit

 ・You can record the MIDI data tah you played.
 ・MIDI data can edit later.
 ・You can record and edit Vocal and Chorus.
 ・You can record and edit any other acoustic Instrument too.
 ・You can record and edit any E.Guiter and E.Bass too.
 ・You can also simulate guitar effects and amps.

You can use LOOP Sound(Apple Loop)

 ・You can choose from a variety of different sets of loops, combine them and place them on the timeline.
 ・Sample MIDI and sample Audio sound sources can be edited and looped back.
 ・Even if you can not read the score and you can not play the instrument,
   you can use the Loop sound source by selecting the one that you like, even if it is deaf or terrible rhythmic

You can do multitrack recording and mix.                         

 ・Possible to record multiple instruments, vocals and live instruments on multiple tracks
 ・You can use up to 255 tracks..
 ・You can adjust the tone and balance of the recorded instruments and vocals,
   and paste Apple Loop, adjust it freely, and mix it.

You can share the finished work                     

You can burn the finished songs to a CD, share them with audio files and share them with others via the SNS.

More advanced challenges are also possible.                      

If you want to use more versatile DAW software,
  you can continue to load it into the upper compatible DAW software "Logic"



Let's Try GarageBand

1) Click Garage Band Icon

2) Create new project =新規プロジェクト

3) Sellect empty project =空のプロジェクト

4) Press"選択"button

5) Sellect"ソフトウェア音源" = software synthesizer

6) Press"作成"button = Create software synthesizer truck

7) Pick your favorite instrument from the instrument library

8) Can play the instruments use USB keyboard, software keyboard or Music typing by MAC keyboard.

Try LOOP Sound(Apple Loop)

1) Click LOOP Browser Icon

The loop browser is displayed on the right.
In general, the window is as follows. You must to know How to save safely when the work is completed. You need external storage such as your own hard disk, SSD, and USB stick to keep your data safe with a shared PC etc. They need to be a file format that can be written from Mac. The standard format for Mac is HFS + or APFS(Apple File System ). You can also use exFAT or FAT32 storage compatible with Windows.(FAT32 has a limit of 2GB or less) The standard NTFS in Windows is readable but not writable from the Mac. If you use both Mac and Windows PCs, I recommend that you use the exFAT format for external storage.